Diametric Wooden Monogram


Wooden monograms are perfect for decorating just about anywhere in your home. Use to decorate your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or kitchen. If you have a porch to help protect it from the elements, the front door can even be decorated.

  • Sized by width
  • Height will vary depending on letters ordered
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This style of wooden monogram is a unique blend of two different styles of initials we came up with. Not everyone likes the traditional script monogram we offer, so we came up with this style.

The sizing of this wooden monogram is based on the width. The height is proportionate to the width. We also don’t guarantee that monograms ordered together will be the same height. This is due to the letters used (the I is much narrower than W).

We cut these wooden monograms in more thicknesses and sizes than just about anyone else! The smaller wood monogram cutouts in 1/8 inch thick are laser cut while the rest are cut on a CNC. The laser will leave a darkened edge. Baltic birch plywood is easy to finish compared to regular plywood. It is virtually void-free and is very stable and durable.

  • Thickness is approximate
  • Indoor use only is recommended
  • Sanded to 120 grit on the front and back


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