Family Wooden Word Cutout


Family wooden word cutout is perfect for creating a centerpiece for your photo frames, placing on the mantle or just about anywhere in your home!

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Looking for a Family wooden word cutout sign? This word cutout is perfect for creating any number of projects that centers one of the most important things in life…family.

Create collage of picture frames featuring this in the center or top for something unique! You can make a pallet board backdrop and attach this to it for a unique and stylish piece of decor. You could also place this on the fireplace mantle or shelf for a simple addition that fits just about any decor.

This is also perfect for just hanging on the wall in the family room. Or just about any room for that matter. The family wooden cutout makes a great addition for a new family just starting out or one that’s been established for many years.

We cut these wooden family word cutout in our Arkansas shop when you order them. This helps us to carry a wide variety of wooden cutouts and keep our prices low.

Baltic birch plywood is easy to finish compared to regular plywood. It is virtually void free and is very stable and durable.

  • Size is based on the width of the overall word cutout
  • Thickness is approximate
  • Indoor use only recommended
  • Sanded to 120 grit on the front and back


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